Kevin Hart is a household name when it comes to laughs and entertainment. He is one of the few people who can make both adults and children alike laugh out loud. His career has steadily grown ever since he first stepped onto the comedy scene. He has done stand-up shows, TV shows, and of course, movies. There are so many humorous films starring Kevin Hart that it can be hard to choose the funniest ones. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, read ahead and find out which are the best of the best.

The Best Comedy Films Starring Kevin Hart

  1. Ride Along (2014)

Ride Along is a comedic masterpiece starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart plays a high school security guard who has always dreamed of being a police officer. In his attempt to get the approval of his future brother-in-law, Ice Cube takes him on a traditional ‘ride along’. Chaos and hilarity ensue as the two attempt to take down criminals. This film has all the elements you expect from a classic action-packed buddy comedy and it definitely does not disappoint.

  1. Night School (2018)

Night School brings us another side of Kevin Hart. He plays an unambitious and unemployed man who, to please his girlfriend, decides to go back to school and get his GED. Despite his best efforts, he makes a fool of himself and becomes the talk of the school. It’s certainly a must-watch movie.

  1. Get Hard (2015)

In Get Hard, Kevin Hart stars alongside Will Ferrel. Will Ferrel plays a rich banker who, upon finding out he will be sentenced to a ten-year prison sentence, must quickly ‘get hard’. Understandably, he doesn’t know how to do it, so he reaches out to Kevin Hart’s character, who pretends to train him to survive prison. If you’re looking for an extreme amount of laughter and good humor, this is the movie for you!

  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Probably one of the most popular films with Kevin Hart in the lead role is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The film follows four teenagers who are magically transported into a live-action video game world. The game is a wild adventure through jungles and deep forests. It’s filled with action and Kevin Hart provides the comic relief with is sharp one liners and funny mannerisms.

  1. Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence also stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson alongside Kevin Hart. In the film, Kevin Hart stars as an accountant who’s long forgotten his childhood dream of being an international spy. When his old friend (Johnson) asks him to help him with a dangerous task, they end up on the run from the CIA. As they get caught in the middle of a thrilling adventure, the comedic duo will have you laughing the whole time.

More Kevin Hart Movies to Enjoy

  1. The Wedding Ringer (2015)

The Wedding Ringer is a hilarious comedy about a shy groom (Josh Gad) who is desperately in need of a best man. He reaches out to Kevin Hart’s character, who becomes the perfect wedding guest. Kevin Hart steals the show during the wedding ceremony and shows us why he’s one of the funniest comedians of our time.

  1. About Last Night (2014)

A modern day remake of a classic, About Last Night follows Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy as they navigate the ups and downs of relationships. The duo hilariously interpret their characters as they navigate the pitfalls of dating in the 21st century.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

In the Secret Life of Pets, Kevin Hart lends his voice to a bunny named Snowball. He is the leader of The Flushed Pets, a gang of discarded animals who are out for revenge on humans. The movie is full of laughs as we witness Snowball’s mission to seek revenge. It’s definitely a good one to watch with the entire family.

  1. Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence is an action-packed movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, and you know it’s going to be full of laughs. The duo plays loners from their high school who reunite, in an attempt to save the world from a mysterious villain. The unlikely team of friends provides laughs at every step of their way, as we cheer them on to save the day.

  1. Grudge Match (2013)

This classic buddy-comedy starring Robert De Niro, Kevin Hart, and Alan Arkin is all about two retired boxers (De Niro and Arkin) who are forced to fight each other in what becomes the fight of a lifetime. Kevin Hart plays the role of their promoter and his energy and enthusiasm provide all the entertainment you could ever need.

While Kevin Hart has starred in dozens of movies, these are the funniest and most entertaining. Whether you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud buddy-comedy or a funny animated film, Kevin Hart has it all. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the hilarious and entertaining list of Kevin Hart’s best movies!