We all know that couples who play together, stay together. Playing games is a great way to build an emotional connection and bond, as well as strengthen couples’ friendship. Mutual fun helps to deepen friendships and foster healthy relationships. That’s why it is essential for couples to make time for entertainment with each other.

Fortunately, there are quite a few games that are designed especially for couples who want to have some fun together. Whether it’s romantic card games, backyard games, or psychological puzzles – there are options to suit every taste. We’ve gathered a list of the bestgames out there, designed exclusively for couples who want to have some quality time without leaving home.

The Best Card Games for Couples

  1. ‘The Game Of Love: Amor’

    The Game of Love: Amor is a popular eros-based card game that is ideal for couples who want to play together in a light and romantic atmosphere. Played by 2 players, the game includes 54 cards and their mission is to answer questions, tell stories, and make decisions together. There is no competition, only collaboration and collaboration to complete the missions.

  2. ‘Love Letters’

Love Letters is a two-player card game that invites couples to love, play and use their imagination. The game includes two decks of cards and its primary mission is to discover mysterious letters or lettered cards and come up with creative stories and ideas. The idea is to use your imagination and to create a story of love. As a bonus, couples can also use the game to discuss their life stories, date memories and thoughts about love.

  1. ‘Chimera’

Chimera is an erotic card game for couples who want to explore and experience their fantasies. The game includes 100 cards that help players to build their own reality and tell stories about these fantasies. It’s a great game to use when couples want to take their relationship to a new level and make it more intense.

The Best Psychological Puzzles for Couples

  1. ‘Logic Puzzle Collection’

Logic Puzzle Collection is a psychological game that encourages couples to use their mind and outwit their partner. Included in the game are 100 puzzles that vary in difficulty and several categories, such as mathematics, geometry, and engineering. While playing, couples can also discuss the principles of logic, think and experience the beauty of mathematics while deep in competition.

  1. ‘Ego Tripping’

Ego Tripping is yet another psychological puzzle game that will challenge couples and give them plenty of amusement. The best feature of this game is that it allows couples to build on the psychological influences, emotions, motivations and attitudes that affect their daily lives. As such, the game helps players to explore themselves, interact and identify patterns of thinking and behavior, as well as to stimulate their communication.

  1. ‘Charades’

This one’s a classic. Charades is an age-old game and yet, it’s still as captivating and interesting as ever. The game encourages couples to have fun by using simple, yet intriguing, puzzles and challenges. By stimulating their imagination and coming up with creative ways to describe what’s on the cards, there is no shortage of fun and memorable moments when playing this game.

The Best Backyard Games for Couples

  1. ‘Horseshoes’

Horseshoes is a classic outdoor game that stays popular across couples of all ages. The game is easy to set up and can easily be played indoors as well, utilizing simple items like socks and dowel rods. The game encourages cooperation and strategic thinking, as players must work together to score the highest number of points.

  1. ‘Frisbee’

Frisbee is another old-school game and it’s one of the best backyard games for couples. All you need is an open space and a frisbee to have loads of fun together. While Frisbee is definitely a game that requires skill, it’s also highly sociable and extremely no-frills, making it a great casual game for couples to enjoy together.

  1. ‘Badminton’

Badminton is another classic outdoor game that is sure to bring laughter and tons of fun to couples. Players do not need much space to set up a badminton court, a bit of coordination and good badminton skills will be more than helpful too. As such, badminton is a perfect game for couples who want to test their coordination skills with their partners.

It can sometimes be tricky to find the time for quality couples time, but if you let your creativity and imagination prevail, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy each other’s company. Games are a great way to bring couples together and come up with new ways to make life more enjoyable. Whether you’d like to engage in intellectual puzzles, romantic card games or fast-paced outdoor games – there are endless possibilities to discover. So, don’t hesitate to pick one of the games from the list and start having some fun together.