7 Trendy Bangs and How to Wear Them

In the ever-changing landscape of hairstyle trends, bangs are one of the most sought-after looks. From sweeping curtains to bold fringes, there are plenty of styles to choose from depending on what compliments you best. Before you take the plunge and snip away at your locks, let’s take a look at some of the most popular trendy bangs and how to wear them.

The Curtain Bang

The curtain bang style is one of the more subtle looks, making it perfect for those seeking a low maintenance yet trendy style. It usually involves parting the fringe in the middle and making it slightly longer on either side, almost as if elegant curtains have been drawn across the forehead. It’s a great option for those with naturally wavy hair and can also be easily tamed for those with straight locks.

The Side Bang

Side bang looks involve a longer fringe-style hairdo that can be cut at an angle to part over to one side. It’s a great way to frame the face and adds some fun texture to long locks. It’s ideal for those with wavy or curly hair, as the bangs will naturally blend in with the rest of the locks.

The Razor Cut Bang

This popular look involves a long, straight fringe that can be tapered and layered. This style works best for people with straight or slightly wavy hair and is best achieved if the bangs are cut with a razor to keep them looking sleek and polished. It also adds movement to any style and can be easily pulled back for a sophisticated office look.

The Round Bang

The round bang look has been popular for years, and still remains one of the more classic looks. It involves a thick fringe that is cut shorter around the sides and sloped out and around the face, with the longest section in the middle. It creates an instant face-framing look that gives the illusion of a more oval shape. It looks best on those with straight or slightly wavy hair, however, it can work with curly hair as long as it is properly maintained.

The Textured Bang

The textured bang look is all about keeping your bangs looking full and voluminous. It’s best suited for those with thick or wavy hair, as it gives the illusion of even more texture and works to break up longer styles. The added texture gives an effortless feel to any look while also providing extra bounce and texture.

The Fringe Bang

The fringe bang look involves a blunt cut fringe that is typically cropped just above the eyebrows. It’s a great style for those with naturally thick and wavy hair, as it provides an edgy look with minimum maintenance. Pairing this fringe with a wave or curl will give you a modern and stylish look ideal for any occasion.

The Classic Bang

If you’re looking for a timeless look, the classic bang is your go-to. This style involves a front-facing fringe that is usually cut straight across to frame the face. It’s ideal for those with thick and straight hair, as it can easily be managed and controlled for a sleek, polished look. It’s a great style for those looking for something a bit more subtle and sophisticated.

Tips for Styling Bangs

Now that you know the different styles of bangs, it’s important to learn how to style them properly. Here are some tips to help you rock your look:

• Use a heat protectant: Be sure to use a heat protectant product before styling your bangs. Heat styling can make your bangs appear dry and damaged, so it’s important to prevent any damage before playing with styling tools.

• Try a dry shampoo: Dry shampoo can be your go-to for adding texture to your bangs. Not only will it help make them look freshly washed, but it will also add a bit of oomph.

• Pick the right brush: Make sure you invest in the right type of brush for your bangs. If they’re long, use a wide-toothed comb to get rid of any tangles and preserve the look.

• Master the blow-dry: When blow-drying your bangs, be sure to use a round brush to style them. Focus the air on the roots to create lift and aim the nozzle directly onto the bangs to get them smoothed.

• Experiment with texturizers: If you’re looking for something that’s easier to manage and style, try using texturizers. This will help add some volume and texture to your bangs, making it easier to style them in minutes.

• Try braiding: If you’re looking for a more fun and relaxed look, experiment with braiding your bangs and wrap them around your head. This gives a boho-inspired look that is perfect for those with longer bangs.

• Add accessories: If you’re feeling daring, try out some barrettes or bobby pins to add some extra flair to your bangs. Having accessories in your bangs is a great way to bring your look to new heights.

With these trendy bangs and styling tips, you’ll be rocking the perfect ‘do just in time for the season. Whether you’re looking to go bold or subtle, bangs are a great way to switch up your look without having to commit to a full-on hairstyle. So go ahead and try out a new style today!