Despite 2020 being one of the most unpredictable years in history, the stock market still continues to boom. Despite the pervasive uncertainty of the year, there is plenty of cause for optimism in 2021. A combination of low interest rates, economic relief packages, and continued developments in several areas have made it an attractive time for investment.

The prospect of higher market returns and continued bull momentum means it could be a great year to invest in stocks. With that in mind, here are some of the top stocks to consider buying in 2021.

Growth Stocks to Buy This Year

Growth stocks are stocks from companies which have achieved rapid and consistent growth over time. They often have high sales, proven business models, and very bright prospects for the future.

  1. Amazon: Amazon is still being propelled by the increasing demand for e-commerce and subscription services. The company continues to be a driving force in digital retail, and could see further growth as more and more businesses shift to the digital sphere.

  2. Tesla: Tesla remains one of the most exciting and profitable stocks of the year. Tesla’s electric vehicle offerings are becoming increasingly popular, and the company’s battery and solar projects have added yet another layer of potential growth to their holdings.

  3. Microsoft: Microsoft’s software solutions have been pillars of the digital age for years, but the company recently entered into a new era with the acquisition of game developer ZeniMax Media. This deal not only gives Microsoft access to one of the most popular gaming organizations in the world but also increases their presence in the rapidly growing cloud gaming industry.

  4. Apple: Apple’s ubiquity across the tech industry is undeniable, with its products ranging from laptops and mobile devices to smart home gadgets. With its ever-growing App Store, Apple is sure to gain even more footing in the coming year.

  5. Facebook: Facebook continures to reign supreme when it comes to social media. The company continues to make improvements to its services, invest in modern technologies, and post strong quarterly results.

Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy

Blue chip stocks are stocks from venerable companies that have achieved a successful track record over many years. They tend to pay high dividends, are usually less volatile, and often have excellent management track records.

  1. Johnson & Johnson: Johnson & Johnson is entrenched in the healthcare industry with popular products in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer health products. With recent vaccines likely to bolster the company’s portfolio even further, Johnson & Johnson is a great stock to consider.

  2. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has been a powerhouse in the beverage industry for decades and is one of the most well-known stock picks in the world. Its immense dominance in its own arenas have made it a consistent earner, presenting a more conservative option for investors.

  3. Procter & Gamble: Procter & Gamble have been the go-to company for household items like detergents, razors, and toothpaste for generations. In addition to their steady financial performance, the company recently committed to using 100% recyclable packaging by 2030, which could create additional opportunities for growth.

  4. AT&T: AT&T is the telecommunications giant behind popular services like DIRECTTV, HBO Max, as well as a stake in streaming service Hulu. With 5G networks paving the way for increased internet speeds and streaming capabilities, AT&T stands to benefit immensely.

  5. JPMorgan: JPMorgan has been a leader in the banking industry for decades and is forecasted to see strong returns in 2021. With a slew of expansion plans, the banking giant could increase its reach even further in the near future.

Value Stocks to Buy

Value stocks are stocks from companies that appear to be undervalued in comparison to their peers. These stocks have the potential for huge value gains and can lead to terrific returns for investors.

  1. Bank of America: Bank of America has some of the lowest valuations in the banking industry and could be due for a sharp rally in 2021. The banking giant is continuing to invest in technological advancements and remains one of the most important players in the world’s financial markets, making it a great stock to invest in.

  2. AMD: AMD has been making waves in the microchip industry for some time now. As AMD continues to clinch major deals with the likes of Microsoft, Intel, and Apple for the use of their chips, the company could see a share price surge this year.

  3. Chevron: Chevron, like many energy sector stocks, has seen its share price take a hit in 2020. However, as oil prices increase and OPEC production cuts continue, the stock may see renewed momentum in 2021.

  4. Southwest Airlines: With the aviation industry being one of the hardest hit sectors in 2020, all eyes will be on Southwest Airlines in the coming year. The company’s ultra-low costs have given it a competitive edge over its rivals, making it a top stock to watch.

  5. Citigroup: Citigroup had a difficult 2020, but there are signs that the banking giant is positioning itself for a rebound. Its low value, wide geographical presence and investor-friendly initiativessuch as share repurchases make it an attractive option in 2021.

The stock market is full of potential opportunities for investors of all sizes. The key is to do your research and focus on stocks that best suit your particular investing strategy. All the stocks discussed in this article are worth considering, so be sure to check in on their performance in 2021. With any luck, you’ll be able to make some lucrative investments and experience the lucrative returns the stock market can offer.