The age-old adage says “what’s behind you doesn’t matter,” but for dedicated fitness enthusiasts, having a strong, muscular rump is an essential part of a total body workout regimen. Building a strong and well-developed backside requires not only dedicated effort but also skillful crafting of an effective, butt-building workout strategy.

Here we will look at some of the best butt-building workouts that can be tailored to an individual’s needs and leveraged to build the kind of derriere that turns heads, both in the gym and out.

Top Workouts To Build a Strong, Sculpted Rear End

For those just starting out in fitness or getting back into it, here is a list of the most popular butt-building exercises that can get you well on your way to a stronger, more sculpted rear end:

  1. Barbell Squats – This classic butt exercise is great for developing the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core muscles. To perform, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your spine in a neutral position. Place the barbell on your back, grip it with your hands, and slowly squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Squeeze your glutes as you stand back up, pushing through your heels.

  2. Romanian Deadlifts – A deadlift variation, Romanian Deadlifts commence in a standing position with the barbell in your hands. Using your hips, hinge forward and lower the barbell, with your arms fully extended, down to your shins and then back up to the starting position. Keep a flat back and avoid rounding forward; concentrate on squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement.

  3. Step-Ups – Great for either a quick butt-building workout or a powerful leg day session, step-ups are a great way to focus on your glutes and quads. To perform, stand with your feet hip-width apart in front of a raised step. Put one foot firmly on the step and press through your heels as you ascend, bringing your opposite leg up to meet it. Lower back down into the starting position and repeat.

  4. Glute Bridges – An effective butt workout that packs a powerful punch, glute bridges are a great move for developing strong, well-defined glutes. To perform, lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Lift your hips up, pressing through your heels and squeezing your glutes at the top, then return to the starting position.

  5. Single Leg Deadlifts – Perfect for those wanting to target their right and left sides evenly, single leg deadlifts require balance and focus. With using a light weight, such as a medicine ball, slowly hinge forward, keeping your eyes focused about 5-6 feet ahead. Once you are in a straight line, slowly return to the standing position.

  6. Kickbacks – Put the focus on your glutes and hamstrings with kickbacks. Using a cable machine, attach a cable cuff to your ankle and stand in a split-stance position with your hips back and chest up. Keep your eyes up, use your glutes to push the cable behind you until your leg is straight and parallel to the floor, then bring it back to the starting position.

  7. Glute Kickbacks – Activate those glutes with this intermediate to advanced level butt workout. Lie on your stomach, lift one leg and use your glutes to kick your leg upward until it is straight and parallel with the floor. Continue with a controlled movement and alternate sides.

Compound Workouts

Compound exercise moves which recruit a large number of muscle groups can be great for intensity and efficiency when time is of the essence. The following butt-building workouts can be used to supplement your current routine and get you closer to achieving your booty goals:

  1. Squat Thrusts – Incorporating a lower body cardio element into your butt-building workout can take it to the next level. Begin in a standing position and quickly lower your body into a squat position. Then, jump your feet back into a push-up position and return to a squat. Repeat for 45 to 90 seconds for a great burn.

  2. Lunges – Lunges are a great compound move that recruit your lower and upper body muscles to give you a killer burn. To perform, stand in a split-stance position, making sure to keep your body upright and your chest lifted. Dip your back knee down toward the ground and then press through your heel to stand back up.

  3. Burpees – Combining a squat and a press-up, burpees are one of the best full-body workouts around and they hit your glutes hard. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart, squat down and place your hands down. Kick your feet back into a push-up position, do a press-up and then jump your feet back in.

  4. Deadlift Thrusters – A great way to work your glutes, back, arms, and shoulders all in one go, deadlift thrusters are a powerful movement. Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart and the barbell in your hands. Squat down and drive the barbell overhead, then slowly controlling the barbell back to your chest.

  5. Box Jumps – Incorporating box jumps into your routine can give you that extra element of intensity and help you tone and condition your glutes in no time. All you need is a sturdy box that is about knee-height and you’re ready to go. Stand a couple of feet away from the box, bend your knees andexplode up onto the box. Land with bent knees and stability and then jump back down.

Challenge Yourself

Don’t get too comfortable with your current butt-building workout routine! Once You achieved the basics, try adding some resistance bands, stability balls, kettlebells, and/or balances discs to really challenge yourself and get optimal results.

  1. Band Walks – Incorporating resistance bands into your exercise routine helps to develop muscle strength, control, and power. To perform band walks, you will need a resistance band with handles. Stand on the middle section of the band and hold the handles near your hips. Then, step to the side and walk the length of the band.

  2. Kettlebell Swings – A great way to build strength and power, kettlebell swings are a dynamic move that will make a great addition to any butt-building workout. To perform, stand with your feet hip-width apart, hold the kettlebell in both hands and swing it back between your legs. Squeezing your glutes, drive the kettlebell forward and up until your arms are above your head; return it in a slow and controlled fashion.

  3. Glute Bridge with Stability Ball – Add an instability element to your glute bridges with this dynamic move. Place your heels on top of a stability ball and lift your hips up into a bridge position. Push through your heels and lift the ball toward your chest and then return.

  4. Single-Leg Heel Drive – A cousin to the single leg deadlift, the single-leg heel drive requires balance and control. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, shift your body weight to one leg and then hinge forward, maintaining a flat back position. Push your hips forward, squeezing your glutes at the top of the motion and then return to the starting position.

Having a strong, well-defined backside can be one of the most rewarding goals to achieve. By crafting an effective butt-building workout routine and employing the right exercises, you will be able to achieve the physical form you desire in no time. Commit to your workouts and you will be the proud owner of an enviable, sculpted tush before you know it!