Since Matthew McConaughey’s career launch in 1993, the Oscar-winning actor has dazzled us with his performances in dozens of box office hits. His impressive body of work has firmly cemented his legacy in Hollywood. In honor of McConaughey’s storied career, this article will examine his ten best movies in greater detail. Read on to find out which movies made the cut.

The Number One Matthew McConaughey Movie: Dallas Buyer’s Club

Undoubtedly, Dallas Buyers Club tops the list of Matthew McConaughey’s greatest cinematic hits. This heartwarming and heartbreaking true story is a beautiful portrayal of a man struggling against impossible odds. McConaughey took home an Oscar for his performance and completely disappeared into the role of Ron Woodroof. The gripping story is particularly tragic given the fact that it’s based on true events. McConaughey’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, elevating this movie to the top of the list.

A Close Second: Mud

Mud is a story about a teenage fugitive and his pure, unwavering love for a woman. The film is a suspenseful tale of a dangerous outlaw and McConaughey hands in a performance so elevated that some have hailed him as a modern-day Gary Cooper. While Dallas Buyers Club rightfully sits at the top of the list, Mud offers a beautiful story and arguably the greatest performance of McConaughey’s career.

The Third Greatest McConaughey Movie: The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer is a complex and enthralling thriller featuring Matthew McConaughey in one of his most thrilling roles. McConaughey portrays defense attorney Mickey Haller, a man that is willing to go to any lengths to seek justice for the accused. This courtroom drama is filled with plot twists and McConaughey’s performance is the icing on the cake.

Matthew McConaughey and Oscar Gold: True Detective

As far as television series go, few were as critically acclaimed and talked about as HBO’s True Detective. This ambitious and masterfully crafted show also featured an Oscar-worthy performance from McConaughey as Detective Detective Rust Cohle. His performance as an obsessed, damaged individual is truly mesmerizing, and earned him an Emmy nomination in the process.

The Rest of the Best: Matthew McConaughey’s Movies


Interstellar was a monster hit and crashed at the box office, thanks in large part to McConaughey’s performance as Joseph Cooper. McConaughey’s character had to make impossible decisions to ensure the survival of humanity, and his powerful performance had audiences on the edge of their seats.


Bernie is one of McConaughey’s lesser-known movies, but it’s also one of his best performances. McConaughey does a terrific job playing an unlikely murderer in this dark, comedic flick. He effectively portrays a character that the audience can’t help but slump for, even though he’s done a despectable deed.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Scorsese’s hit drama Wolf of Wall Street featured McConaughey in one of the movie’s most memorable roles. He plays Mark Hanna, a mentor to Jordan Belfort, and his performance is delightful and enthralling in equal measures.

Magic Mike

The story of a male stripper and the hard life he leads is well known thanks to Magic Mike’s cheeky performances and hilarious sequences. McConaughey anchors the film with a terrific turn as Dallas, the club manager.

A Time to Kill

This legal drama is an early career highlight for McConaughey, who also stars alongside Sandra Bullock in this courtroom saga. McConaughey’s performance as an idealistic lawyer battling for justice is as compelling as it is inspiring.

Dazed and Confused

McConaughey’s first major role saw him star as Wooderson, a wild and free-spirited individual that forms the backbone of this classic movie. His performance is full of charm and wit, and it serves as the perfect introduction to McConaughey’s trademark screen presence.

The Wedding Planner

This romantic comedy is one of McConaughey’s earliest hits and a delightful performance from the actor gives this movie a warm edge. McConaughey plays a charming doctor that falls madly in love with a woman.

Matthew McConaughey’s career is one of the most celebrated and acclaimed in Hollywood. His knack for complex and interesting roles has created a lengthy list of impressive performances. From Dazed and Confused to Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey certainly knows how to make an impact on the silver screen.