Do you want to know if your man is happy in the bedroom? Most men like to think that they’re good at pleasing their partner and some even like a bit of validation sometimes. But how can you be sure? True, it all comes down to his words and behavior, but there are some signs that can show if a man thinks you’re good in bed without having to make inquiries.

Let’s take a look at the most obvious signs that he’s pleased with your performance.

  1. He Wants to Initiate Sex

The fact that he wants to initiate sex is a great sign that he thinks you’re good in bed. After sex, men tend to feel satisfied, and if they’re content with your performance they will feel the urge to have more. They’re likely to be more daring, if his advances are getting more frequent and intense this means he’s enjoying your time together.

  1. He Takes Longer than Usual

If your sexual encounters last longer than normal, your partner is probably content with your performance. Men strive to make the most of their experience, and if they are with someone they enjoy they tend to stay in the bedroom a bit longer. As a result, the experience becomes longer lasting and highly pleasurable for both partners, most particularly for him.

  1. He Cuddles After Sex

One of the signs that he appreciates your performance is that he likes to cuddle with you afterwards. Long cuddles signify that he feels emotionally attached to you after the encounter, because it strengthens your connection and makes the sex even better. Men might not always make it obvious, but cuddling fosters a stronger relationship between you two.

  1. He’s More Open to Trying New Things

When you find a man who is willing to try new things with you that means he’s comfy with you in the bedroom. With time, this means he will discover new things he likes to do during sex that can excite both of you. In other words, open-mindedness leads to more fulfilling experiences in the bedroom.

  1. He Gets Erect Easily

Another sign that he is happy and attracted to you is when you find out that he gets quickly aroused. This usually happens when he feels comfortable with the person he’s with, it’s a sign that he thinks you’re attractive, sexy, and he is looking forward to please you during the encounter. If he can’t keep his hands off of you, you know that he’s in the mood and he’s eager to explore your potential.

  1. He Makes an Effort to Satisfy You

If your man is putting an effort to make sure that your needs are met in the bedroom, it means he is paying attention and tries to do his best to make the experience pleasurable for you. Men who care about the pleasure of their partner will try to do anything to guarantee both of you are satisfied. If you notice that he constantly makes sure that you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself then you know he’s considering your needs.

  1. He Wants to Do It Again

Another sign that he thinks you’re great in bed is if he’s asking to have sex again, or if he wants to do it with you often. Men who care about the experience tend to want to do it again because they gained satisfaction and they want to re-create those moments.

  1. He’s Going the Extra Mile

If your man is the one that makes an effort to surprise you, pamper you, and take you away with romance, it shows he is truly into it. He’s taking all the steps necessary to kindle the flame and deepen the connection between you two. His focus is mainly on making the atmosphere special and pleasurable.

  1. He Does Not Hesitate to Give Compliments

When a man is completely satisfied and content, he is likely to give compliments. He will praise you for your performance, and be extremely vocal about it. You will find out exactly what he likes and he will be quite straightforward about it. Compliments also help you to secure your self-esteem and feel more confident with your partner.

  1. He Retains Eye Contact

During sex, when someone is taking pleasure and in bliss, he will avoid eye contact, because it can be too intense for that moment. When it comes to a man looking deeply into your eyes and not breaking the gaze, you know he enjoys himself a great deal and is completely satisfied with you. He’s soaking up the moment and cherishing it, making sure to remember it forever.

If a man enjoys himself during sex and he is satisfied, he will want to show you and make it obvious. These clear signs can show if he is pleased and that he thinks you’re good in bed without having to ask. If you noticed a few of the signs listed above, then you can be certain your man thinks you’re amazing in the bedroom.