Nail polish is a classic fashion accessory, with no signs of going out of style. Whether you like to keep your nails natural or prefer to switch up your color for each season and occasion, nail polish trends are always changing. From subtle and classic to daring and eye-catching, this article will take a look at the latest colors and styles that define the trends in 2021.

Why Are Nail Polish Trends So Important?

Nail polish can significantly influence how put-together you look and feel. Whether it’s grabbing attention with glitz and glam, enhancing your outfit with a subtle shade, or just playing around with colors, nail polish trends offer a great way to express yourself through fashion.

What Are the Latest Nail Polish Trends for 2021?

Despite the events and changes that have characterized 2020, the world of nail polish trends has still seen some major shifts. Here’s a look at the colors and styles that are rocking the runways in 2021.

Pop and Sheer Colors

One of the most popular nail trends of this year is using sheer colors to add a unique wash of color to your nails. Choose colors like light lavender, baby blue, or subtle pink for a hint of color without going all-out.

Pop colors, on the other hand, are ideal for making a statement and adding energy to your look. Choose colors like bright red, super-saturated orange or deep burgundy for a serious pop of color.

White Nails

Another color that’s been trending this year is white nail polish. It’s a great way to add a simple and effortless chic to your look and it looks great paired with a vivid color on your toes.

Shimmer and Metallic

Glitter, shimmer, and metallic hues are a classic staple that never goes out of style. Choose colors like silver and gold, blended with pastels and neon, or layer glitter with an array of colors. The shimmered texture gives your nails a unique texture and a bold statement.

Smokey Hues

Smokey grays, silvers, blacks and blues are the perfect way to add a subtle but edgy style to your nails. Choose colors like steel blue, gunmetal grey, or soft black for a modern and smoldering look.

Matte Finish

Matte nails are perfect for making a chic statement and looking fabulous with minimal effort. Choose a matte in either classic colors like red, black or light pink, or try something more daring like electric blue or gunmetal grey.

Textured Nails

Textured nails are one of the most eye-catching styles out there and they look incredible with a french tip-style. Choose textures like white on top with a light glitter trend underneath, or a classic black glitter with a dusty pink textured coat.

Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are back in a big way. Not only do they make your nails look great, they also last longer than other treatments so you can enjoy your color and style for longer. Choose a classic french tip with either high gloss or glitter, or try something different like a colored French tip using neon or pastels.

Tips for Nailing a Perfect Manicure

Getting a perfect manicure just takes a few simple steps. Here are a few pro tips to keep in mind for your next manicure session:

  1. Start with clean nails and make sure to push back your cuticles so that the polish will go on more smoothly.

  2. Always start with a base coat to protect your nails and help the polish adhere to your nail better.

  3. Layer on thin coats of your chosen polish and make sure to allow each layer to dry before applying the next.

  4. For added longevity, add a clear top coat to help seal and protect your color.

  5. Keep a cuticle oil on-hand so you can moisturize your cuticles and keep your mani looking fresh.

Whether you prefer bold and daring looks or subtle and classic, this year’s nail trends provide endless options for expressing yourself through fashion. Be sure to try out different combinations of colors, textures, and styles to find the perfect look that best showcases your personality.