Hairstyles are a great way to switch up your look and have fun with your appearance. Whether you have medium length, layered hair or short and voluminous hair, there is a hairstyle to fit you and your lifestyle. With the right products, tools, and expert tips, you can create any hairstyle to suit your needs. No matter the occasion, there is the perfect hairstyle that is ready to dazzle and impress.

Types of Hair

Before selecting the perfect hairstyle for you, it is important to understand the different types of hair. Hair can typically be categorized into three different types: straight, wavy, and curly.

• Straigh t – Straigh t hair is the most common type, with soft, shiny, and healthy-looking strands. Straight hair reaches fullest volume in the middle and can be combed easily. With the right techniques and products, you can keep your straight hair looking sleek and gorgeous.

• Wavy – Wavy hair is full of texture and volume, giving you an effortless, beachy look. To create the perfect beach waves, use curling wand and sprays to create the perfect tousled effect.

• Curly – Curly hair is often voluptuous and bouncy with a distinct texture. To get full, defined curls, use a curl cream and mousse to bring out the shape and definition of the hair.

Essential Tools for Styling

No matter the hairstyle you want, some basic tools will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Here is a list of essential tools that every styling arsenal should possess.

• Hairdryer – No matter the hairstyle, one of the most important tools you will use is the hairdryer. Whether you’re looking to straighten your hair or add a bit of volume, a hairdryer is essential for any hairstyle.

• Brush or Comb – Using a brush or comb is the best way to comb through your locks and create flawless styles. Consider using a ceramic brush to help reduce any static and achieve smooth, shiny locks.

• Flat Iron or Curling Iron – Depending on the hairstyle you wish to achieve, having a flat iron or curling iron is key. Flat irons can be used to straighten and calm wavy hair, while curling irons can help create bouncy, defined curls.

• Heat Protectant – No matter which hairstyling tool you use, remember to use heat protectants. A good heat protectant is key for reducing breakage and keeping your locks healthy.

• Hair Ties and Bobby Pins – Having a few of these items on hand is important for any hairstyle. Elastics are great for keeping your hair out of your face and Bobby pins are great for ensuring your updos look neat and stay in place.

Trendy Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to try out new hairstyles and show off your best looks. Here are five trendy summer hairstyles that are sure to be showstoppers.

• Twisted Ponytail – The twisted ponytail is a great way to dress up a basic ponytail without much effort. Create a part at the top of your hair, and make two low ponytails. Take one ponytail, wrap it around the other, and secure with an elastic.

• Sleek, High Bun – Sleek, high buns are must-have summer hairstyle and perfect for an office setting. Combine a bit of hairspray and a few bobby pins for a look that will look chic and polished all day.

• Bohemian Braid – Bohemian braids are a beautiful and trendy style for summertime. Wear the braid in a bun wrapped around your head or drape it across one shoulder for a romantic and free-spirited look.

• Half-Up Fishtail Braid – The half-up fishtail braid is a stunning updo that looks more complicated than it is. Put half of your hair up in a high ponytail, and then use an elastic to divide the ponytail into two sections. Divide the sections into two and pass them over each other to start the fishtail braid.

• Faux Bob – Faux bobs are perfect for when you want the look of a bob cut without the commitment. Divide the hair into two sections. Put the bottom section up into a low ponytail, and then curl the top half of your hair using a curling iron. Take the ponytail and tuck it underneath the curls, securing with bobby pins.

Styling Tips

No matter the hairstyle, always remember to give yourself ample time. Before you begin styling, make sure to cleanse and condition your hair properly. For an extra sleek look, use a serum to give your hair extra shine and volume.

Additionally, spray heat protectant before using heat-styling tools to protect your hair from damage. Always brush your hair before blow drying to help create faster drying and a smoother finish. When blow dry your hair, always use the diffuser and begin blow drying from the inside of the hair outwards to reduce any flyaways.

Finally, pick the right hairstyle for your face shape. Different hairstyles work best for different shapes. Ovals are the most versatile and can work with almost any hairstyle. For longer faces, try a side-swept bang or a lob. Oval and round faces can usually pull off a super straight lob or a blunt bob.

Hairstyles are a perfect way to start a new look and switch up your style. When deciding on the perfect hairstyle, consider the type of hair you have and the tools you will need. During the summertime, try out a bohemian braid or a sleek high bun for a look that is sure to wow. Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, make sure to use heat protectant and the right techniques for a polished finish.