Traveling with your smartphone has become a necessity in this day and age. From using your device to book accommodations to using the Internet to stay in touch with loved ones, having your smartphone ready to go is an essential part of the traveling experience. Here are our top tips for traveling with your smartphone to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable journey.

Tips for Staying Safe with Your Smartphone

  1. Get a Good Case: To protect your phone from any hard knocks it may take during your travels, it’s best to invest in a good, durable phone case.

  2. Turn off Location Services: Turning off Location Services helps to keep your personal information safe from any third-party apps that can access your data.

  3. Think Before Connecting: Free-to-access Wi-Fi connections can be tempting when traveling, but always think before connecting to a public hotspot. Using a secure, encrypted connection is the safest way to go when traveling.

  4. Set a passcode: Unless you want anyone who gets a hold of your phone to be able to access all your data, set a passcode as soon as you start your journey.

  5. Back up Your Data: Although it’s important to keep your data safe, having a backup is essential. Upload all your data to a secure cloud or back up to an external drive.

  6. Download a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is worth downloading for travelers, as this will protect your device from threats, such as cybercriminals and malware.

Tips for Powered Up Smartphone During Travel

  1. Use a Power Bank: Power banks are indispensable items for travelers who are concerned about their phone battery life. A high capacity power bank can provide your device with plenty of juice on demand.

  2. Don’t go Overboard: Let’s face it, when you’re on a long journey, it can be easy to get sucked into all the different activities you can do on your smartphone. Remember, the main purpose of your device is to get you from point A to point B, so there’s no need to overdo it with activities like gaming or streaming videos.

  3. Turn Down the Brightness: To conserve battery power, you should turn down the brightness of your screen. Adjusting your device’s screen brightness as needed is one of the best ways to keep your phone powered up during your travels.

  4. Go Airplane Mode: If you’re on a plane, or in an area with no service, the best thing you can do is put your phone in Airplane Mode. This mode will dramatically increase the battery life of your device.

  5. Use It Wisely: To get the most out of your device for the duration of your trip, it’s best to use it wisely. Only use your smartphone for what you truly need it for and you’ll find that it will just about survive until you reach your destination.

What to Pack For Your Smartphone on Trips

  1. USB Cable: Packing an extra USB cable ensures that you’ll have access to a charger wherever you go.

  2. Headphones: Headphones are another must-have item when it comes to traveling with your smartphone. Not only will they help you stay connected, but they’ll also allow you to make calls without distracting others.

  3. Earphone Plugs: Investing in a good set of earphone plugs can be beneficial when traveling and using your smartphone in public places, as they will block out most distractions.

  4. Spare Power Pack: A spare power pack allows you to charge your device without having to find an outlet. It’s also useful to have an extra battery for when your original battery gives up.

  5. Protective Cases: Protecting your device with a phone case prevents dirt and dust from getting inside, as well as adding an extra layer of protection from any bumps or drops.

These are just a few of the tips you should consider when traveling with your beloved smartphone. Overall, the best tip of all is to be mindful of your device, let it last you throughout your trip, and keep your data safe. Now you can continue to be connected to family and friends, as well as take incredible photos and document beautiful memories.