Sex is a vital part of a healthy relationship, both emotionally and physically. Although, it can be difficult to figure out what will make your man pleased in the bedroom. Most men don’t ask for what they really want when it comes to sex, but there are certain things they all secretly like. Here are a few of the top things that guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

What Men Crave in Bed

  1. Foreplay: Just like women, men also enjoy and crave foreplay, so they don’t feel like they have to rush to the main event. Foreplay can really be the difference in taking a sexual encounter from great to unforgettable and can involve anything from slow touching, kissing, teasing or verbal stimulation.

  2. Moaning and Heavy Breathing: Moaning and heavy breathing can be some of the best sounds for men, as most guys get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that they’re pleasing their partner. Moaning and heavy breathing can also serve as a subtle reminder of how pleasurable their partner finds the experience.

  3. Verbal Queuing: Many guys love to hear instructions or appreciation when they’re making love. Men, like women, often feel insecure about their performance, so rewarding them with positive feedback or pointing out what you’re enjoying can be very motivating.

  4. Variety: Sometimes a break from the same positions or activities can go a long way. Men also love to feel desired and that you’re still attracted to them, so offering variety can leave them feeling extra confident and satisfied. This could involve a different position or location for sex or even buying new sex toys and lingerie.

  5. Expression of Affection: Men need affection too and although sex is the physical representation of love, expressing affection in the form of compliments, sweet words or cuddles afterwards can be just as meaningful.

Tips for Getting Guys What They Want

  1. Ask Him: Just because he’s not asking for what he wants, doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate it. If talking about sex makes you uncomfortable, ask him what activities he’s into and try to bring them up when the time is right.

  2. Of the Moment: Guys love it when women take control of the situation and make their fantasies reality. Taking charge and coming up with something spontaneous will give him the feeling that you’re daring enough to do anything and will leave him wanting more.

  3. Get Lost in the Moment: Often times, guys worry about how much their partner is enjoying things and can feel uncomfortable if it’s not reciprocated. Instead of focusing on him, get lost in the moment and express yourself. This will let him know that it’s not all about the sex.

  4. Combine Visual and Listening Cues: Toys, lingerie, or any other incentives combined with verbal cues or sounds can make for a much more stimulating experience for your man. Throwing in visual cues alongside the verbal ones can take the experience to the next level.

  5. Make Sure You’re Satisfied Too: While guys definitely like a “giver” in bed, they also love knowing they are successfully getting their partner to a place of pleasure. Men often get more satisfaction when they know that they have successfully brought someone to climax.

What Guys Don’t Like in Bed

  1. Too Much Talking: Excessive talking may seem like a good idea but it can really dampen the mood and make things seem awkward. Try not to over-explain what you’re trying to do and keep it short and sweet.

  2. Over-Thinking: Guys don’t necessarily want you to go into auto-pilot but over-thinking can be a huge turnoff for them. They want you to be actively engaged in the experience, so focus on the here and now rather than worrying about what comes next.

  3. Going Too Fast: Everyone likes a good swift romp but taking things too fast can make it seem like you’re just going through the motions. Guys want to know that you’re savoring every second of the experience.

  4. Anything Unsanitary: This is just plain gross and will make your man uncomfortable. If you’re going to try something beyond the norm, make sure to weigh the risks vs. rewards beforehand.

  5. Pointing out Your Flaws: Pointing out all of your physical flaws and insecurities can really derail the mood and make your man feel guilty or like he’s to blame. Guys don’t need any extra encouragement to feel insecure, so let him know that you’re beautiful in a different way.

At the end of the day, everybody wants to feel desired and respected. As long as you’re putting in the effort to make sure your partner is taken care of and smiling, it should be an easy task to make sure he’s getting everything he wants in bed. The key is communication, since this it’s the only way to guarantee you’re both getting what you want out of the experience.