A Better Way To Spend Your Free Time: Things To Do Instead Of Reaching For Your Phone

We all do it – grab for our phones to check our messages, scroll through social media or text a friend out of boredom. It’s a habit that’s become so common now, it’s hard to break. But what if you could find alternative activities to do instead of reaching for your phone every time you have a few spare minutes? Here are a few great alternatives to reconnecting with your phone.

Choose Activities That Stimulate Mind and Body

  1. Meditate. Meditation is an incredibly powerful way to stay grounded and focused in the present moment. Taking a few minutes each day out of your schedule to focus on your breath can help to alleviate stress, clear our the mind and help you remain focused throughout the day.

  2. Exercise and go for a walk. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that are great for your physical and mental wellbeing. Going for a walk around the block is a great way to break out of the habit of picking up your phone and simultaneously deliver some exercise.

  3. Read a book and get lost in a story. Enjoying a good book for a few pages can be a great way to engross yourself in a captivating tale. Books are an interesting way to enrich your mind and learn something new.

  4. Create a new painting. Testing out your creative side with a new painting or sketch is a wonderful way to relax, focus and enjoy the process of creating without distraction.

Things To Do Outside Of Your Home

  1. Plan a picnic with friends. Having a picnic at the local park is a great way to enjoy nature and spend some quality time with friends.

  2. Plant a tree. Planting a tree or helping to plant one, is a great way to not only help our environment but also is a great way to get your hands dirty and have a great time in the sun away from distractions.

  3. Go to a museum or art gallery. Galleries or museums are fantastic destinations to explore different exhibitions, expand your mind, and enjoy some culture.

  4. Explore local markets. You can often find beautiful antiques, local crafts, and tasty food while exploring markets in your city. It’s also an interesting way to stumble upon a hidden gem.

  5. Visit a botanical garden. A botanical garden is the perfect place to enjoy nature and explore different plants, trees and flowers.

Make It Quality Time

  1. Hang out with your family. Don’t let the precious moments with your family slip away. Make family time a priority and pick up some great memories instead of your phone.

  2. Write a letter to someone you miss. Writing a letter to a loved one is a simple and effective way of getting that personal touch with someone who you rarely get to see.

  3. Cook something new. Unleash your culinary side in the kitchen and create something different while having a great time interacting with the family.

  4. Go on a bike ride. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors or explore different parts of your city while peddling away on your bike.

Ways To Enjoy Alone Time

  1. Listen to music. Music can help you relax and unwind mentally. Find some great playlists for special moments and enjoy some unique vibes.

  2. Make a scrapbook. A scrapbook is a great way to express your creativity and decorate your thoughts with your favorite photos, mementos and more.

  3. Catch up on your sleep. Taking a nap or getting plenty of sleep can help you to feel more relaxed and have clarity during the day.

  4. Take a hot bath. Let the stress melt away and treat yourself with a hot bath. Light some candles, play your favorite tunes, and pour yourself a glass of wine for a truly special “you” time.

Engage With Nature

  1. Take a hike. A day hike with the family or friends can bring some great new experiences while you walk away from your busy schedule.

  2. Visit the beach. Nothing feels better than getting some sunshine at the beach and splashing around with friends and family.

  3. Camp in the wild. Being in the great outdoors is a perfect tool to reset your mind and clear away all the digital stress.

  4. Look for wildlife and birds. Enjoy the beauty of nature and go searching for wildlife and birds in your local forest.

Learning To Unplug Is Key

With so many of us constantly stuck to our devices, unplugging yourself and choosing to do something different is an important step to a healthier lifestyle. All these unique activities are sure to offer something new, engaging and stress relieving, rather than staring at your phone all day.