With the growth of the internet and technology now so easily and readily accessible to us, it has become more and more possible for people to make a living out of their passions. Many people have found success in making money on YouTube. If you’re interested in learning how you, too, can make money via the world’s biggest video hosting website this year, keep reading! Here, we will cover the basics to setting up, growing, and succeeding on YouTube, one step at a time.

Tips On Getting Started On YouTube

If you’re just starting out on YouTube, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind that will help you get up and running in no time.

  1. Brainstorm Ideas:
    Before you can start uploading videos and making money, you need to know what sort of content you want to produce. Of course, it’s important to pick topics that you’re passionate about and knowledgeable on, but it’s important to remember that the content should also be fun enough that people want to watch or it will fall flat. Also, consider trends in the current times and experiment with topics that are relevant to what’s going on in the world right now.

  2. Setup Your Channel:
    Your channel is like your own little corner of the internet, so you want to make sure you make it as presentable as possible. Choose a name that is easy to remember, add a profile picture and banner and fill out your profile completely with highlights of your past work and other social media channels.

  3. Reach Out:
    Put yourself out there and look for other YouTubers and social media influencers that post content similar to yours, and reach out to them. Share each other’s content, chat, comment and collaborate on projects. This is one of the easiest ways to gain a following and start making money!

  4. Have Fun:
    At the end of the day, YouTube should be fun and engaging. People can tell when you’re having a good time, so to make your YouTube channel successful, enjoy what you’re doing and that enthusiasm and passion will translate in every video.

Content Ideas for YouTube
Once you’ve got your channel set up and running, you’ll be ready to start posting content. Here are some great content ideas that have been successful for other YouTubers:

  1. DIY Tutorials:
    If you love crafting, painting and making things, why not share your skills with the world? Show viewers how to make or assemble something, or where they can purchase materials they need. This type of video is great for showing off your skills and helping others learn something new.

Vlogging is one of the most popular types of content on YouTube. Talk about what’s going on in your life, share your experiences and offer viewers an inside look into not only your passions but also your daily life.

  1. Reaction Videos:
    Reaction Videos are huge on YouTube, as it can be hilarious to watch someone else’s reaction to something. It’s also a great way to start conversations, so it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.

  2. Gaming Videos:
    If you’re a gamer and know your way around the gaming world, why not share it with the world? Explain new games, cheat codes and just show people having fun.

  3. Prank Videos:
    People love watching pranks and people pull on one another. Take the classic bucket of water prank and put a twist on it. Make sure to keep safety in mind, but you could end up with a hilarious video that people enjoy watching.

Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Now that you’ve got your channel set up and content ready to go, you’ll need to actively work to increase your channel’s viewership which in turn will make more money for you. Here are a few tips to help you grow your channel:

  1. Create Quality Content:
    High quality videos are the most important part of YouTube success. Invest in quality equipment, editing software and relevant topics, and the views and subscribers will come.

  2. Be Consistent:
    If you want your viewers to stay engaged, you need to be consistent. People need to know they can rely on you for new content, so post consistently in order to maintain and increase your viewership.

  3. Use YouTube Ads:
    One of the easiest ways to grow your channel is to invest in YouTube ads. This way, you’re targeting people who are already interested in the type of content you’re creating so you’re sure to see growth.

  4. Utilise SEO:
    Make sure to use SEO when writing titles, descriptions and tags for your videos. This will help your videos to rank higher in search results, and therefore increase your viewership.

  5. Share On Other Platforms:
    It’s key to share your content on other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Tap into the vast potential of these other networks and share relevant content on them to drive traffic back to your channel.

Ways To Make Money On YouTube

Now that you’ve set up your channel, shared great content and gained viewers, it’s time to start monetizing your channel. Here are just a few ways to make money on YouTube:

  1. YouTube Ads:
    You can begin to make money right away and the great thing about YouTube Ads is that you don’t need to have a massive following to start. Once your channel has at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you can get approved for ads and start making money from those who view your videos.

  2. Affiliate Links and Products:
    If you’re endorsing a product or service, be sure to use an affiliate link which will link to the product and your account. Whenever someone uses your link and purchases something, you earn a commission. This is an easy and straightforward way to make money.

  3. Patreon:
    Patreon is a great way to support your channel and make money. Fans can donate to your channel in exchange for exclusive content, deals and more.

  4. Crowdfunding:
    Crowdfunding, such as with Kickstarter or GoFundMe, is when viewers donate money towards a particular project in exchange for a reward.

  5. Brand Deals:
    Once you have amassed a large enough following, brands may reach out to you for sponsored posts or campaigns.

Tips For Success

It’s not all about just uploading content – there are a few key steps that you need to take to increase your success on YouTube.

  1. Have a Goal In Mind:
    Having specific goals in mind is key to succeeding on YouTube. Set achievable but challenging goals for yourself and determine the steps you need to take to achieve them. Make sure your goals are measurable so that you can track your progress.

  2. Listen to Your Audience:
    Your audience is a great source of ideas and advice. Listen to their feedback and use it to base your decisions and content topics on.

  3. Be Patient:
    Making money on YouTube is a long process which can be extremely rewarding, but you have to be patient. Don’t give up during the initial stages when the money might not be pouring in.

Making money on YouTube is definitely possible with the right strategies and goals in place. Start brainstorming ideas, set up your channel and post content consistently. Look for collaborations, institutions and sponsors and once you have gained a following, start to monetize your channel. Have patience and focus on creating great content that people enjoy and that matches your passions – success will follow!