From the moment we start to experience romantic love, our first love becomes particularly special for us. And for the most part, there comes a phase in our lives where the relationship ends, making us go through a really hard phase. However, unfortunately, the ending of a relationship forms a part and parcel of life, and no amount of memory-hoarding or holding onto something whose time has gone can make it stay.

Though it is true that getting over a first love is difficult, however, it is not an impossible thing – if only you take the right steps and start to reinvent yourself. Here is a step-wise guide to getting over your first love and moving on towards an even better future.

Steps To Get Over Your First Love

The following is a breakdown of steps that can really help you get over your first love and reignite the passion for being in the present.

  1. Acknowledge the pain:

The first step to getting over a first love is to acknowledge that the relationship has ended and feel the pain that comes with it. This means embracing and accepting the pain, and instead of avoiding it, allowing yourself to feel it while also selecting a time limit within which it is okay to be feeling pain (such as a week or two). This will also give you the much-needed opportunity to adjust to the loss, as well as allow you to develop the capacity to work in such a manner that you eventually don’t miss the person that you fell in love with.

  1. Block out all forms of communication:

Once you have accepted your loss, it is important to avoid communication at all costs. This is because old conversations or images of your first love can only be a trigger for the urge to get back in touch and it is hence, extremely important to avoid such triggers at all costs during this phase. So consider blocking the other person from your phone, and all other platforms of communication, and avoid any possible contact, no matter how much you crave for it.

  1. Remove all reminders:

Another important step towards getting over a first love is to literally delete all reminders such as pictures and other memories from your life. This can include a removal of physical items reminding you of the person, while also if possible, deleting their name and other related information from any platforms of social media. This will allow you to eventually outgrow this phase and move on, as it helps decrease the urge to enter back into the past.

  1. Focus on yourself:

In this phase, it is also essential to focus on yourself, as doing this will help you improve yourself, while also allowing you to bring back the strength of living in the present. To begin with, it may include picking up a new hobby, creating a work-out schedule, and taking care of your mind and body. And this, in turn, will help you to channelize your energy in a positive and healthful direction, providing you with several outlets of expressing yourself.

  1. Stay away from relationships for some time:

One of the best pieces of advice that you can follow in order to get over your first love is to stay away from any kind of attachment or commitment for some time, till the time you completely heal. This will allow you to continue working on yourself and focus on the time that you have with yourself, facilitating in the process of healing and not allowing any major emotions to form and be hurt further.

  1. Do not overthink or regret:

It is nothing less than human to look back and overthink about the things that could have happened, leading to the cause of a relationship’s failure. However, it is important to understand that overthinking or feeling regret about such matters does not help your cause. Hence, it is important to get out of such patterns and not let them become a part of your life since that can only make it even harder for you to eventually get through the hurt.

  1. Find new distractions:

When trying to get over your first love, it is important to find new distractions that can help you move away from the pain. This includes indulging in activities such as watching movies, meeting friends and family, or simply getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that you have always wanted to do. This will also act as a great opportunity to restart your life with the things that truly make you happy and that do not add to your pain.

  1. Heal with time:

The most basic and at the same time, essential factor when getting over a first love is to healer with time. This is because no matter what the situation is, it will resolve itself with the passing of time, thus it is important to believe in such a concept and to eventually realize that nothing is permanent, thus any heartbreak too, is just temporary and eventually something that will pass away with time.

It can be really difficult to get over a first love. However, this doesn’t mean that the task is impossible. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to start the process of healing and eventually, along with the passing of time, finding your way out of the hurt and pain of letting go of a first love.