Do you have dreams of engaging in global exploration, but can’t quite get past the notion of having to leave your job to do so? Many travelers think they have to quit their job in order to satisfy their wanderlust, but that’s not necessarily the case. Keeping your job and traveling the world are both perfectly possible. In order to do this, there are certain strategies and techniques that you should keep in mind.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not you have to quit your job to travel the world, exploring different approaches to finding a balance between the two.

Discovering the Benefits of Combining Work and Travel 

The primary reason why someone would want to keep their job during a period of travel is to enjoy the benefits of merging the two pursuits. Doing so enables you to use your accrued vacation or PTO days to save on added costs and avoid a big interruption in income. This can be a great way to reduce the impact of long-term trips and adjust for the cost of living in a different country.

Moreover, there are certain types of occupations that afford added travel benefits. Should you incorporate traveling as part of your job, then your employer may be willing to pay you while you travel, or provide you access to deals, discounts, and more.

Also notable is that traveling while otherwise engaged in a job gives you the opportunity to experience life more immersively. Without the pressure to just keep moving around and visit attractions ticking off a list, you’ll find yourself open to soaking in the culture and even blending in with the locals. Ultimately, this provides a richer experience that you might not otherwise get.

The Appeal of a Sabbatical

 Going on sabbatical can be particularly attractive to those who have worked or studied for an extended period of time and seek a break from regular routines and obligations. Taking a breather can help promote mental wellness and physical health, resetting your existence and providing a sense of purpose. This is an ideal option for those who believe that taking a full break from their job might be too much for either their employer or themselves. Cautious planners might consider a sabbatical to be a better choice than simply quitting, giving them the chance to explore the world or pursue a project or goal, but still maintain the option of returning without too much disruption to their job.

Upgrading Your Skill Set 

Sometimes when travelers return from a trip they find themselves having to start over again. A great way to prevent this is to travel and learn new skills. This can help you create a unique value proposition that you can use to stand out in the working world. Apprenticeships and other learning opportunities are available all over the globe, and it’s possible to undertake learning experiences that directly or indirectly relate to larger career goals. Learners can acquire new language and technical skills, as well as valuable soft skills that any employer looks for.

The Freelance Lifestyle 

To avoid the risk of going too far astray not to be able to return to their regular job, some travelers use freelance work as a way around having to quit their job. It provides more financial freedom and flexibility than being a regular employee. As more companies are using freelancers, so comes more competition and the challenge of consistency, but with the right portfolio and a certain amount of experience, freelancers can make more money than they would as a regular employee anyway.

The Perks of Combining Work and Travel 

You don’t necessarily have to quit your job to travel the world. By combining work and travel, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are some of the top advantages:

-Increased Financial Stability: Traveling can be expensive, so combining it with work can help by making sure that you have a steady income.
-Added Benefits: A combination of work and travel can mean discounts or benefits from employers, such as free or reduced travel expenses or access to deals.
-Immersive Experiences: Enjoy the full experience of living in different countries by taking plenty of time to explore and blend in with the locals.
-Sabbaticals: Taking a break with a sabbatical can help to recharge your system and provide a sense of purpose.
-Enhanced Skills: Learning and developing new skills while traveling can help to boost your prospects when you ultimately return to work.
-Freelancing Opportunities: Freelancing can give you the freedom to travel while also generating steady income.

Traveling the world doesn’t have to mean completely upending your life; you can keep your job so that you don’t leave your current lifestyle behind, while at the same time enjoying the rewards of exploring the world. There’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the perks of combining work and travel, so consider all of your options before deciding to quit.