At 6’3”, Chris Hemsworth towers above many of his fellow Hollywood actors—both in physical stature and in career success. After appearing in smaller roles on Australian television shows, Hemsworth made his way to LA and after a few years rocketed to superstardom with the physically and emotionally demanding role of Thor in Marvel’s worldwide phenomenon Avengers franchise. Throughout his career, Hemsworth has embraced a number of unforgettable characters, each of them offering viewers an unforgettable experience. This list of Chris Hemsworth’s best movies ever showcases some of his greatest on-screen performances.

Benefits of Chris Hemsworth’s Skills

Chris Hemsworth’s incredible acting chops are complemented by some unbelievable physical abilities. Those abilities, combined with his intense charisma, have allowed for him to bring his characters to life in a way that few other actors can. Here are some of the things that make Chris Hemsworth so special:

  • His powerful physique: Hemsworth is huge, standing tall at 6’3″, and his physical abilities allow for him to undertake any role that calls for some powerful muscles.
  • His intense charisma: Hemsworth possesses a rare kind of movie star charisma that can turn any character into an instant hero.
  • His commitment to characters: Hemsworth is never afraid to take a character to the extreme and has even gone through some taxing physical training in order to nail a role just right.

Chris Hemsworth’s Best Movies

Now that you’ve seen a bit of the charisma and physical prowess that Chris Hemsworth brings to each of his roles, it’s time to take a look at some of his best movies.

1: “Thor” (2011)

If you haven’t seen this Marvel action film, you are certainly missing out. With Hemsworth playing the lead as Thor (the God of Thunder), we get to witness Hemsworth showing us just why he was chosen to play the role in the Avengers franchise.

2: “Rush” (2013)

This great drama is based on the real-life story of Formula One driver James Hunt and his juggle between personal passions and professional demands. Hemsworth gives a great portrayal of the Formula One driver and does a stellar job of capturing Hunt’s unique competitiveness and free-spiritedness.

3: “Snow White and the Huntsman” (2012)

This adventurous reinvention of the Snow White fairy tale finds Hemsworth’s perfect match in fairytale princess Kristen Stewart. This action fantasy delivers some entertaining moments, allowing Hemsworth to show off his impressive charisma.

4: “The Cabin in the Woods” (2012)

This horror film has a clever twist and, as always, Hemsworth proves himself as a standout star. He pulls off a great performance as the prudent, brave leader of the group, making this dark comedy-horror movie one of Hemsworth’s must-sees.

5: “12 Strong” (2018)

This action-packed war drama sees Hemsworth and Michael Shannon at their best. Amidst the chaos and destruction, Hemsworth finds the courage to lead his highly trained team in a mission to succeed in a very treacherous environment.

6: “Vacation” (2015)

What could be a better way to round up this list than with a movie that truly allows Chris Hemsworth to show just why he can do it all? This comedic adventure takes the already hilarious Griswold family vacation to a whole new level when Hemsworth joins the clan as the charismatic Stone Crandall.

Chris Hemsworth has proved time and time again that he is one of the top leading men in Hollywood today. His exceptional physical gifts and his undeniable charisma allow for him to carry each of his characters with ease. This list showcases some of Hemsworth’s best on-screen performances and is a great way to see why this star is a true force to be reckoned with.